Saturday, 16 May 2009

Hire A Typist - At Last! An Affordable Transcription Service

There are very few transcription companies out there offering affordable transcription services for businesses, individuals and espeically students. Why? This quesiton remains unanswered. Unless of course we think of greed. Surely offering a more affordable typing and transcription service will result in a greater number of customers.

Aside from businesses, nobody seems to be offering decent discounted services for students. We all know that students struggle to get through university and college and often rely heavily upon student loans, unless of course they are in a fortunate position to have parents with deep pockets. In this day and age and in this current economic climate that is highly unlikely. is, as far as we can see, the cheapest professional company online. Services are offered to students at heavily discounted rates. Let's face it if a big percentage of students do come to Hire A Typist then this means just the same amount, if not more, profit when compared to companies charging really high rates. Hire A Typist also offers massively discounted rates for business and we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we are providing the best quality at the lowest rates.

These companies are making a fortune. How? You ask yourself how many women out there would die to work from home? There are hundreds of thousands of transcribers who would love to work from hom and as we all know home based work generally pays less than in-house salaries.

Outsourcing transcription and typing is more on the agenda in the current climate. There are plenty of contracts to be had out there. Outsourcing transcription and typing means no overheads, no holiday pay, no sick pay, no breaks and great savings. Many companies are outsourcing now and not only the small or medium sized organisations, some big organisations are outsourcing most of their typing, transcription and administration duties. You only pay for the work that is done.

Why not pay us a visit and see how cheap we really are and be safe in the knowledge that you are not sacrificing quality for cost with